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Wear + Care

Like any other pair of shoes, Alice + Whittles boots require care. They’ve been designed to offer functionality with fashion for light, urban wear, not for heavy duty usage in extreme environments or temperatures. To ensure that they stay looking nice and clean, and to keep your boots lasting for years to come, we’ve provided suggestions on how to store and care for your boots below.

Store your boots in an upright position in a cool, dry place. Folding or creasing your boots prevents air circulation, which can make them damp inside and / or leave marks on the outside.

Super easy! Just use lukewarm water to wipe down your boots using a soft rag (an old t-shirt works great!).

If needed, mix of 3-4 cups of water with a few drops of gentle dish soap in a spray bottle. Avoid soap with any harsh chlorine, bleach or fragrance. Then spray the solution on your boots and let it sit for few minutes before wiping them clean with your soft rag. Let your boots air dry, and keep them away from high heat, such as direct sunlight or a heater. Rapid and extreme temperature changes will weaken the natural rubber bonds, which would be bad news because it could lead to cracks and deformation of the shape of your boots.

If needed, you can use a soft brush on the sole, but do NOT use it on the upper or you risk damaging the natural rubber. 

Your boots have a waterproof lining, which means that liquids won’t seep in. In fact, they’ll roll right off! If you’d like to freshen up the interior, use a 1:1 water and white vinegar solution in a spray bottle. The solution will help cut any odors. Spray the boot interior just once, otherwise your boots will take longer to dry properly. With a once-over spray, you’ll need about 24 hours of drying time.

This white, chalk-like consistency is a characteristic of natural rubber called “blooming”. There is nothing to worry about! This is a common with natural, high-quality rubber and does not affect the durability or quality of the boot. When this happens, just wipe it down with a wet cloth and it will go away.

The smell of rubber can be quite strong (even overwhelming for some!). We do wipe down the boots before they reach you, although that carries a distinct smell of its own. There is an easy way to get your boots smelling fresh again! Just wipe down your boots using a 1:1 water and white vinegar solution in a spray bottle. The solution will help cut any odors.

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