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Our Story

Our mission to use design as a tool to create an ethical and sustainable world starts here.

Through our experiences, combined with a shared desire to make an impact, we have found more than our passion, we have found our way in the world.


We take responsibility for our complete supply chain, all the way back to its raw materials.

We use natural rubber from farms that are certified and audited by the Fair Rubber Association. We’ve personally visited several of these rubber farms.

We pay a premium for each kilogram of rubber that we purchase because that extra money supports the living and working conditions of each farm community, as decided by the community themselves.

We only purchase rubber tapped from sustainably grown forests.

We have a long-term relationship with a trusted, family-run factory in Sri Lanka, rather than changing factories in search of the cheapest labour. We’ve spent time there and know they provide fair pay, safe work conditions, and support the community in which they are located.

Our commitment to producing ethically made footwear is not industry standard; we are fighting against norms that have been long established, and the effects of which are wide-reaching. But we’ve proven that fashion doesn’t have to live without ethics.

As two former United Nations Refugee Agency emergency relief workers, we’ve witnessed firsthand that economic forces can have either a positive or negative impact on people’s lives.

We knew that there could be alternative, creative solutions to the inequity and hardship we were accustomed to seeing around the world. We left the UN to create a business model that would be a vehicle for positive change: supporting communities and self-sufficiency from the ground up.


As humanitarian aid workers, we were living out of a suitcase, operating in many different contexts. We needed footwear that was functional, high-quality, and looked polished. After a great deal of research, we also realized that footwear needed to be tackled from an ethical standpoint. Sourcing materials ethically, upholding basic human rights, and working with the environment rather than against it - once you consider these factors, footwear can become very complicated to make, especially considering the way the lack of transparency in the current industry. So, we set out to design and produce our footwear with both aesthetics and impact in mind.

We’ve worked hard to prove that fashion doesn’t have to live without ethics.


#BeOutside (At a safe distance).